VOIP V.S. PBX: Knowing The Difference Can Save You Time And Money

VOIP V.S. PBX: Knowing The Difference Can Save You Time And Money

Are you looking to upgrade your phone system and need to know about your options?

The VOIP industry is expected to have revenue growth of $190 billion through the year 2024. Businesses are flocking to VOIP. That raises the question: how is it better than PBX?

You have probably read about the PBX vs VOIP debate. Which one is easier to use? Which one costs more?

This post will tell you the differences you need to know to make the right decision.

Keep reading to learn how PBX and VOIP differ and which one will work best for your business.

PBX vs VOIP: How Are They Different?

There are fundamental differences in the way these two phone system work.

A PBX phone system is a miniature phone network located in your office. These lines all interconnect and run to a single line which connects to the actual phone network. This network helps a company by not having an individual phone line run to each office that needs one.

A VOIP system runs off of your network infrastructure. Your internet connection is used to make calls and doesn’t need you to connect to a landline phone provider.

Cost Savings

You already have an internet connection. Why not make the most of it?

A traditional PBX system doesn’t make use of your data line and uses the telephone system. This extra connection means you are paying an extra cost for using a PBX network and can fluctuate based on the number of users you have.

VOIP uses your network connection for your calls. You will save money by not having that extra monthly bill.

VOIP does have some infrastructure on the front end to set up, but after that, it will be smooth sailing.

More Flexibility

Is it easy for your workforce to get work done on the go?

With VOIP flexibility is a great benefit. A PBX system requires that your employees are in the office to utilize the phone number. They are using personal lines or another business phone if not.

VOIP services allow users to connect to the primary location and use the same office number from anywhere.

You design a PBX phone system with a specific number of users in mind for the setup. This setup makes change hard.

VOIP services allow you to add and remove users as needed quickly. There is nothing complicated about it. Just log into your management portal and make the changes you need.

More Features

PBX is old technology. There aren’t as many features available to it compared to a VOIP service.

You aren’t limited to just voice communications with it.

With VOIP services you can receive faxing, voice conferencing, dial anywhere, file sharing, and a host of other features. These features aren’t possible with PBX phones because it doesn’t rely on the internet.

You also can tie into other software packages.

Do you need to track your calls in a CRM? What about making calls from other software in your desktop? This capability is all possible with VOIP.

Get Started With VOIP Today

Now that you have the low-down on the PBX vs VOIP debate you are ready to test out a VOIP phone system.

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